Diane Coallier et Antoine Huynh

Antoine Huynh

Since launching his career in real estate in 2008, Antoine has been recognized for his efficiency and thoroughness. As an experienced professional who’s able to deftly juggle results with attention to detail, Antoine leaves nothing to chance when it comes to determining a property’s value. That’s because he knows just how important the small details can be in the sale or purchase of a house or condo. Working with Antoine guarantees astute marketing that will present your home in its best light – and with maximum visibility.

Thanks to the recommendations of his many satisfied customers, Antoine has built a solid reputation in and around Montreal over the years. His organizational skills and meticulousness are applauded by all. So are his flawless methods. You won’t see any errors slip into Antoine Huynh’s work.

In fact, it was the structure of KW that first attracted Antoine to the firm, whose values and methods resonated perfectly with his own. As someone who is always striving to improve and remain at the forefront, Antoine was immediately drawn to the high importance KW places on regular training and new technology.

Teaming up with Antoine Huynh means outstanding service that’s innovative and focused.

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« Antoine nous a été recommandé par un ami et nous n'hésiterons pas un instant à le suggérer également à nos connaissances et nos proches. Nous avons fait affaire avec un agent qui a été professionnel tout au long du processus. Il nous a bien guidés dans la vente et a facilité la compréhension des documents associés. Il a su cibler nos besoins et s’est adapté à notre horaire complexe. Il a toujours été disponible pour nous, à tout moment.

Nous avions très confiance en lui pour la gestion des visites de notre propriété, car il prenait soin de notre demeure comme de la sienne. Il porte attention aux détails qui font toute la différence. Sans lui, nous n’aurions pas vendu aussi rapidement. Disponible, honnête, professionnel et ingénieux : C’est pour toutes ces raisons que nous vous recommandons Antoine comme courtier immobilier. »

— Anne & Mayno

Diane Coallier

Before becoming a broker alongside Antoine, Diane spent 15 years working in finance. But she always had her eye on real estate. These days, Diane puts the vast experience she amassed from her former career to good use in all her real estate transactions.

Diane’s unflappable temperament makes her a calm and composed professional who always makes informed decisions, regardless of circumstances. She knows how to reassure clients and takes the time to get to the bottom of things so that anyone relying on her services walks away with a positive experience. After all, buying or selling a home is one of life’s biggest financial transactions. She believes it’s her duty to take the time and care to ensure that each step of the process is easy and enjoyable.

Every file is a top priority for Diane, who treats her clients’ properties as if they were her own. With her recognized adaptability, professionalism and thoroughness, Diane Coallier is a name to remember – and one you can expect to see time and again on the real estate scene.

Whether you’ve planning a first purchase, a strategic investment or a life change, Diane will serve you the way she would like to be served.

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Diane Coallier et Antoine Huynh
  • » Attention to detail
  • » High availability
  • » Personalized approach
  • » Promise of uncompromising peace of mind
Diane Coallier et Antoine Huynh

Antoine and Diane are more than just brokers. They’re also investors. Thanks to their individual and combined experience, they know how to explain each step of buying or selling a property in plain and simple terms.

Being partners in work and in life, they can offer unbeatable collaboration. They also happen to be the parents of two children, which means they understand the realities of family life. They regularly work with families looking to buy a new home or to sell their current one.

Antoine and Diane share a passionate for real estate that’s fuelled by their love of meeting and working with people. For them, this is what being a broker is all about. They are constantly striving to improve as brokers and to exceed their customers’ expectations.

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